The Dunes Park subdivision is comprised of 250 single family homes and 182 townhomes. The single family home lots are designed to hold a maximum of 4 cars - 2 cars in the driveway and 2 cars in the garage. Commerce City parking ordinances also allow homeowners to park one car on the street in front of their house. Additionally, the Dunes Park covenants prohibit homeowners from storing boats, campers, trailers and recreational vehicles anywhere within the Dunes Park subdivision (unless such vehicles are stored inside the garage).

Although the streets within the Dunes Park subdivision are owned and maintained by Commerce City (with the exception of the private streets around the townhomes which are owned and maintained by the townhome HOA), the Declaration document containing the covenants, rules and restrictions for Dunes Park provides the District with the power to establish and enforce parking rules on the streets in and around the Dunes Park subdivision.


Commerce City ordinances regarding parking in residential neighborhoods states:

“No person shall park in a residential district on any surface other than a driveway or other approved parking area or on that portion of the street where parking is permitted. No person shall park on any portion of the street where parking is permitted for more than five (5) hours unless the location on the street where the person is parked is immediately adjacent to property owned or occupied by such person.” (City amendment to section 1210 of the 2010 Model Traffic Code)

Homeowners should contact Commerce City police if vehicles are parked in front of their house for more than 5 hours.

parking restrictions around parks & open spaces

Overnight parking next to any parks and open spaces within the Dunes Park subdivision is prohibited. Specifically, cars may not be parked between the hours of 11pm and 6am next to any parks and open spaces. These areas are marked with "no parking" signs.

Additionally, the east side of the park along Florence Street (between 112th Way and 112th Place) is a 15-minute loading zone where parking is prohibited 24/7. This area serves as the main school bus pick up and drop off location for the neighborhood.

Vehicles in violation of these parking restrictions will be booted by the District! (See "Parking Enforcement" below.)

parking restrictions - lakes at dunes park (Townhomes)

The streets around the townhome section of the District are owned, maintained and regulated by the Lakes at Dunes Park Homeowners Association, Inc. (Townhome HOA). All questions regarding parking enforcement around the townhomes should be directed to the Townhome HOA.

boats, campers, trailers, Recreational Vehicles & Box Trucks

Boats, campers, trailers, recreational vehicles and box trucks may be temporarily stored on or around a homeowner's Lot for up to two nonconsecutive 48 hour periods within a 7-day period (at least 24 hours must pass between each 48-hour period) to allow for the loading, unloading and cleaning of such vehicles IF THE RESIDENT'S TEMPORARY PARKING REQUEST FORM HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE DISTRICT OR ITS PARKING ENFORCEMENT CONTRACTOR PRIOR TO THE REQUESTED PARKING DATE/TIME.

Any boats, campers, trailers, recreational vehicles and/ box trucks parked in violation of these parking restrictions will be booted by the District! (See "Parking Enforcement" below.)

Residents may submit temporary parking requests to park boats, trailers or recreational vehicles in the neighborhood for two 48 hour periods in a 7-day period. Temporary parking requests forms can be completed HERE.

PARKING enforcement

For all general questions regarding the District's street parking enforcement, please contact the District Manager

The Board's current parking enforcement policy may be accessed and downloaded from the District's document library.

The District has hired Park-it-Right to provide parking enforcement to the Dunes Park community. If your vehicle has been booted, please contact Park-it-Right. Click HERE for Park-it-Right's contact information.