Riverdale Dunes Metropolitan District No. 1

General Information: Created in November 1996, the Riverdale Dunes Metropolitan District No 1 (i.e. RDMD1) was created to fund the construction of the Dunes Park infrastructure consisting primarily of the streets, sidewalks, storm drainage system, pool, playground and open space landscaping.  In 2002, RDMD1 issued bonds totaling $3.8 million to fund the construction of this infrastructure.  These bonds were refinanced in 2006 with semi-annual principal and interest payments due each year through the year 2032.
District Oversight: The RDMD1 five-member board meets quarterly to review and approve the operations and finances of RDMD1.  Board members serve 4-year terms and are elected in even-numbered years
Property Tax Usage: Property taxes are used to fund (1) RDMD1's semi-annual debt payments, (2) landscaping maintenance of open space areas, (3) maintenance and operation of the pool and playground, (3) covenant enforcement and design review services, (4) maintenance of neighborhood perimeter fencing, (5) community events and activities and (6) general and administrative costs of RDMD1.
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