Eastern SLOPE Open Space Landscaping

Due to the significant traffic along the 85 highway, the eastern slope open space landscaping is perhaps the most visible part of the Dunes Park neighborhood to the public.  However, it is also one of the most under-landscaped areas of the Dunes Park neighborhood.  Thus, the District Board is evaluating options to improve the landscaping in this area of the neighborhood and believes that improvements to this area would significantly enhance the overall beauty and appearance of the neighborhood.

Who is Responsible for What?

The District owns and maintains the open space between the perimeter fence line on the east side of the Dunes Park neighborhood and the western edge/boundary of the 85 Highway. The western boundary of the 85 Highway is located approximately 15 feet from the edge of the highway pavement. The 15-foot area from the western edge of the 85 Highway is owned and maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Also, the northwest corner of the intersection of the 85 Highway and 112th Avenue is owned by Commerce City. While Commerce City is responsible for the build-out of the corner (i.e. sidewalk, curb and other concrete flatwork), the District is responsible for installing and maintaining the landscaping along 112th Avenue up to the intersection with the 85 Highway.

District Development Plan

Currently, the District is working with its landscaping contractor, Singing Hills, to develop a landscaping plan for the eastern slope open space area.  Although no formal development plan has been approved by the Board, the Board expects this project will take several years to complete based on the current level of property tax revenue collected by the District.

The Board will update this section of the website as the planning for this project is further developed.