Welcome to the design review request form database for your neighborhood!

This database contains all design request forms approved by the Board/Architectural Committee for your neighborhood.

How to use this database: This database allows users to perform two simple searches of design request forms. Specifically, users may search forms (1) by property address or (2) by project type.

How to access this databse: The username and password to access the database was provided on the previous web page. Click the back arrow on your web page if you forgot the username and password.
  Please note that any improvements on a Lot are in violation of the covenants, conditions and restrictions of your covenant-controlled community IF such improvements are (1) not in compliance with your neighborhood's Design Guidelines and (2) do not correspond to an approved design request form published in this database.

"Improvements" generally includes (but is not limited to) front and back yard landscaping, any modifications the originally constructed driveway, sidewalk or house exterior (including but not limited to decks, porches, roofs, windows, doors, siding, rain gutters, lighting, solar panels and color schemes), temporary attachments to the house exterior (including signs, decorations and holiday lighting), play structures, air conditioning equipment, dog runs, statues and similar decorative structures, fencing, mailboxes, sheds, pergolas and hot tubs.

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