Dunes Park Community Garden

Fast Facts:

Construction Date: 2018

History: The community garden was constructed by residents of Dunes Park under the leadership of two eagle scouts - Benjamin Wolfersberger and Scott Vejnar. Ben organized and led the project installing the fence in July. Scott organized and led the project installing the garden boxes in December.

Water Source: One water spigot is accessible for watering the garden boxes.

# of Boxes: 8

Community garden usage Rules

1. You must complete a reservation application and your reservation application must be approved by the District.
2. Community garden hours of operation are from 7am to sunset daily.
3. No smoking or alcoholic beverages is allowed in the community garden area.
4. You are responsible for maintaining your garden box (i.e. weeding, removing dead plants, regularly watering your garden, etc)
5. Tools, planting materials and other items cannot be left/stored in or around the garden area
6. The water spigot must be turned off before leaving the garden area (If the water spigot is broken or leaking, please contact the District manager.)
7. Keep the gate closed to prevent rabbits and other wildlife into the garden area.

Schedule a Reservation

Reservation of garden boxes are on a first-come first served basis. Reservations are accepted each year beginning January 1st and are for a 12-month period ending December 31st each year.

1. Complete a community garden reservation request form (To download the form, click  HERE.)

2. Submit the completed request form to the District's property manager.

After completing the above steps, the District property manager will let you know whether your reservation request has been approved.  Once your request is approved, it will be added to the reservation schedule below. 

community garden box Reservations FOR 2022

Garden Box # Reserved For:  
 Box #1  11250 Florence St 23-A (Holmes)
 Box #2  9785 E 113th Ave (Brown)
 Box #3  11252 Emporia St (Vigil)
 Box #4  9630 E 113th Ave (Wlodarchak)
 Box #5 9674 E 113th Ave (Davis)
 Box #6 9660 E 113th Ave (Cortez/Martinez)
 Box #7 9550 E 112th Pl (Pocs)
 Box #8 10080 E 112th Way (Swanson)

Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez
Andria Gutierrez