District Contractors

The District is proud to have the following contractors serving the Dunes Park neighborhood:
  Property Management Company
      Contractor: Pinnacle Consulting Group
District Manager: Shannon Randazzo
Address: PO Box 8| Henderson, CO 80640
Phone: (970)669-3611
Email:  shannonr@pcgi.com
Website: www.pcgi.com

General Information: Our property management company performs the administrative functions for our District including accounting, government reporting and maintenance of the District's records. In addition, performs the District's covenant enforcement responsibilities under the guidance and direction from the District's Board. Pinnacle Consulting Group has managed our District since January 01, 2023.

Please contact Shannon Randazzo regarding any questions or concerns about the management, covenant enforcement or maintenance (including landscaping, park, pool operation and perimeter fence) of the Dunes Park neighborhood.
      Contractor: Emerald Isle Landscaping, Inc
Landscaping Manager: Nick Dohman
Address: 5208 Adams St | Denver, CO 80216
Phone: (303) 693-3072
Website www.emeraldislelandscaping.com

General Information: Emerald Isle has been servicing the landscaping of the Amber Creek neighborhood since January 2022.
   Pool Maintenance Contractor
      Contractor: R&R Aquatics
Contract Manager: Robert Barillot Jr.
Address: Denver, CO
Phone: (855) 772-7824
Website: www.randraquatics.com

General Information: R&R Aquatics began servicing the Dunes Park pool in June 2021. (Absolute Pools was the service contractor for the pool from 2004 to 2020).
   District's General Counsel
  Law Firm: Paul Rufien, P.C.
General Counsel:
Paul Rufien
3900 East Mexico Ave, Suite 300| Denver, CO 80210
(720) 506-9230

General Information: Paul Rufien has been serving the District as its general counsel since May 2016.
  District's Special Counsel Re. Covenant Enforcement
  Law Firm: Altitude Community Law, PC
General Counsel: David Firmin
Address: 555 Zang St, Suite 100 | Lakewood, CO 80228
Phone: (303) 432-9999
Website:  www.altitude.law

General Information: Altitude Community Law has been serving the District as its special counsel since January 2014.

Federal E-Verify Program

As a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado, the District and its contractors are subject to the Federal E-Verify program. Colorado's E-Verify law became effective on August 7, 2006, and was amended on May 13, 2008. It requires public contractors to either participate in the federal E-Verify or a similar program sponsored by Colorado's Department of Labor and Employment. The purpose of both programs is to ensure public contractors are not hiring illegal aliens.

To learn more about the E-Verify program, click here.