The following is a brief history of the Dunes Park neighborhood:
November 1996 The Developer creates the Riverdale Dunes Metropolitan District No. 1 (the borders of which encompass the Dunes Park neighborhood)
August 1999 Commerce City Council approves the Developer's plan to develop Dunes Park.
June 2001 The Dunes Master Owners Association, Inc. is incorporated and becomes the master HOA for both the single family homes and the townhomes
October 2001 The Lakes at Dunes Park Homeowners Association, Inc. is incorporated and becomes the HOA for the townhome units managing the assets, operations and covenants specific to the townhomes.  (The townhome owners also remain members of the master HOA.)
February 2002 The District issues bonds totaling approximately $4 million to finance the build-out of the neighborhood's streets, sidewalks, park, pool, utility lines, perimeter fencing, open space landscaping and storm water drainage infrastructure.
April 2002 The first single family home is sold by the builder (DR Horton).
August 2002 The first townhome is sold by the builder.
April 2004 The builder of the townhome units declares bankruptcy and the 106 undeveloped townhome lots are sold to LDP Development, LLC (which remains the current owner of the lots as of 2012).
December 2004 The last of 250 single family homes is sold by the builder.
May 2011 The Dunes Master HOA board completes a major $30,000 landscaping renovation project that includes replacing 43 trees, installing rockbeds along the perimeter fence and repairing planters across the neighborhood.
June 2011 Dunes Park's first annual pool barbeque social event! (Over 160 residents attended)
May 2012 The Dunes Park neighborhood elects three homeowners onto the District's board. This is the first time in Dunes Park history that the neighborhood's District is controlled and operated by a homeowner-elected board.
August 2012 The members of the Dunes Master HOA vote (91 yeas to 22 nays) to approve the Dissolution Plan proposed by the Board of the Dunes Master HOA. The Plan authorizes the HOA Board to dissolve the HOA corporation and, upon dissolution, transfer covenant enforcement responsibilities and real and personal property of the HOA to the Riverdale Dunes Metropolitan District. The Plan allows the Board to dissolve the Dunes Master HOA within five years from the date of the Dissolution Plan was approved.
January 2013 The District agrees to assume the maintenance and covenant enforcement responsibilities of the Dunes Master HOA. The District increases property taxes to cover the cost of such additional expenses and the Dunes Master HOA board eliminates the $40 monthly dues assessed on homeowners.
January 2014 Through the efforts of the District board, the District becomes eligible to receive annual subsidies from the Conservation Trust Fund to fund open space improvements across the neighborhood.
 February 2014 The District completes an approximate $110,000 project installing new playground approximately 3 times larger than the original playground (installed in 2002 by the builder)
 May 2014 The District completes installation of a new 400 sqft pavilion between the new playground and the swimming pool.
 March 2017 All Pro Capital begins construction of the remaining 106 vacant town home lots.
 August 2017 The District completes a $613,000 project converting the storm water detention area on the west end of the neighborhood into a park and recreation area. The new park includes a full-court basketball court, pavilion, community garden area and perimeter path.

General NEIGHBORHOOD Statistics

Single-Family Homes
High Low Average
Lot size 0.21 acres 0.11 acres 0.12 acres
Living space (Note A) 2,484 sqft 1,228 sqft 1,946 sqft
Garage size 689 sqft 490 sqft 410 sqft
Basement size 1,328 sqft 411 sqft 840 sqft
Bedrooms 4 rooms 2 rooms 3.3 rooms
Bathrooms 4.0 bathrooms 2.0 bathrooms 2.7 bathrooms
Other Data
# of homes with no basements 15
Homes were constructed between 2002 and 2004
# of developed lots 250
# of undeveloped lots none

High Low Average
Lot size 0.06 acres 0.06 acres 0.06 acres
Living space (Note A) 1,576 sqft 1,328 sqft 1,471 sqft
Garage size 520 sqft 440 sqft 474 sqft
Basement size 273 sqft 200 sqft 248 sqft
Bedrooms 2 bedrooms
Bathrooms 3.0 bathrooms
Other Data
# of homes with no basements none
Homes were constructed in 2002, 2003 and 2006
# of developed lots 76
# of undeveloped lots 106
Note A -- Living space data excludes the garage and basement.