The Dunes Park subdivision is comprised of 250 single family homes and 182 townhomes. The single family home lots are designed to hold a maximum of 4 cars - 2 cars in the driveway and 2 cars in the garage.

Although the Dunes Park covenants prohibit homeowners from storing boats, campers, trailers and recreational vehicles anywhere within the Dunes Park subdivision (unless such vehicles are stored inside the garage), Commerce City prohibits (effective December 2020) the District from conducting any parking enforcement activities on the streets.

Unfortunately, City Council supports the recommendations of City staff that (1) residents should not prohibit anybody from parking or storing cars, boats, trailer, camper and box trucks in front of anybody's home and (2) residents can store their vehicles, boats, trailers, RVs and other vehicles along the street curbs bordering all neighborhood parks and open spaces.

Generally, the City Council has adopted a policy that residents who have outgrown their homes (i.e. residents who own more vehicles than available parking spaces on the lot and along the street curbs bordering the lot) have a right to store "excess" vehicles (including work and recreation vehicles) in front of other residents' homes and along all neighborhood parks and open spaces. Also, City Council believes that residential streets filled to capacity with vehicles parked on the streets presents neither creates safety hazards for residents (especially kids) nor is detrimental to the quality of life of a neighborhood. While the District disagrees with City Council's position on street parking, the District also recognizes that City Council representatives are elected by Commerce City residents and the District respects the elective choices made by Commerce City residents.

street PARKING Complaints

Residents who desire to see changes to the City's street parking policies should email or call their City Council representative (Nicole Frank). Click HERE for Nicole Frank's contact information.

Due to City Council's polices regarding residential street parking, the District recommends all complaints regarding street parking be directed to City Council rather than the police.