Public Transportation

The Dunes Park is serviced by one RTD bus line (the R, RC and RX routes) and the bus stop is within walking distance from the neighborhood! For bus transportation headed south into downtown Denver, the bus stop is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of 85 highway and 112th Avenue. For bus transportation headed north into Brighton, the bus stop is located at the northeast corner of the 85 highway and 112th Avenue. The R, RC and RX bus routes run from downtown Brighton to the Civic Center in downtown Denver. The bus ride from Dunes Park into downtown Denver takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

Please click here to check the RTD website for current bus route information and times.

The R, RC and RX Routes

As of January 2019, a day pass to use local bus lines cost $6.00 and a day pass to use local and/or express bus lines cost $10.50. Below are a few of the pros and cons noted by Dunes Park residents who have used the R, RC and RX bus routes:


  • For the RX bus route, the Dunes Park stop is the second to last stop before the bus heads into downtown
  • The RTD downtown Civic Center terminal is the main hub for bus routes to nearly all other locations across metro Denver
  • Travel time to downtown is 30 to 40 minutes, depending on which stop you exit the bus
  • 6 opportunities to get into downtown before 9:00am
  • Reading a book is much more relaxing than driving a car through rush-hour traffic!
  • Employers may subsidize the cost of bus fares


  • The southbound busses (between 6am and 7am) occasionally get crowded, so you may be standing in the aisle for the entire ride into downtown
  • Can’t work late! No busses leaving downtown Union Station after 6:50pm. (Connecting to the 120 bus route from downtown is always an option, but your travel time will double and your walk from the 120 bus stop on 120th Avenue to Dunes Park becomes a half mile rather than a 3-minute walk.)
  • No early afternoon busses into downtown Denver
  • Only one morning bus headed into Brighton
  • $10 roundtrip cost is not significantly cheaper than the cost of gas and parking
  • Bus stop is muddy when raining or snowing